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June...or Junie Poonie ...

as her Momma used to call her. 
Also known as being  'UNAFRAID TO BE EXTRAORDINARY'.

A Multi- Award Winning Stylist, Designer, Planner & Stationery Designer working with 'The Style Conscious' across the globe


Junie Poonie is a proud 'Hopeless Romantic' with a sharp eye for detail, with her love of being unafraid to be extraordinary when planning, designing and styling along with being a creative and caring soul that puts her whole heart into each and every Wedding, Event or Stationery Suite she creates, focussing on the Luxurious & Stylish touches that bring a little 'Edge & Elevation' for 'The Style Conscious' across the globe.

Her attention to detail can often see her floating from one table to the next – ensuring there’s not a wonky candle in sight! (Yes, it’s a pet hate of hers)  but it’s also her understanding and experience of over 15 years in the Wedding and Events Industry that she knows it’s those little touches that do really matter, along with having a genuine interest in the impact her work has on her Clients; and in turn their guests, be it Wedding Guests, Corporate Clients, Friends for Celebrationery Parties or small and intimate Dinner Parties & Product Launches. 

Working from her heart & design led Studio, a contemporary & stylish space, she describes as 'The Calm in the Chaos' it's 'Where the Magic Happens' it's also a place very close to her heart as her late Mother originally had a super small and very sentimental studio built for her in her previous back garden as a place to create, play and remember her by.  So when she and her family moved to renovate an old barn in Warwickshire, unable to bring her original studio with them, having an incredible space to create from and as a nod to her Momma was imperative, and so her Black Barn at the bottom of the Paddock was designed, built and is now a paramount space for Junie Poonie & her Clients.

My Mum used to say "What's meant for you won't pass you by" & boy this is something I live by everyday.

I'm beyond grateful for my beautiful design studio though I also know only too well the true cost & value of my incredible space.

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